Austin Outpost

Design Phase

“Austin Outpost” Pop-Up LGBTQIA+ Community Center

With your help, we can make Greater Austin the best place in the world for LGBTQIA+ people to live, work, and play.

Here’s how we do it:

We ENGAGE every LGBTQIA+ resident, CONNECT each with resources they can use to improve their wellbeing, and SUPPORT local organizations rather than duplicate their work.

If we can engage every LGBTQIA+ and Ally resident, we build a larger base of donors and volunteers to support the growth of all local LGBTQIA+ organizations.

If we can connect each LGBTQIA+ resident with the affirming resources they need, we improve LGBTQIA+ health, wealth, and happiness.

If we support local organizations, we strengthen relationships among all of us working for LGBTQIA+ wellbeing, equality, and liberation, forming a cohesive movement instead of siloed efforts.

Since December 2015, hundreds of local LGBTQIA+ community members have participated in a process to develop this QWELL strategy.

1. Austin needs an LGBTQIA+ community center that works for us.

 What does “works for us” mean?

·         Convenience

  • Nobody wants to waste hours traveling in Austin traffic to get the community and wellbeing resources they need. We need proximity and ease of access.

·         Integration

  • Some LGBTQIA+ people feel well-integrated into Austin life and culture, but the strength of that feeling varies widely depending on your location, age, race, gender, culture, and income. We want every member of our community to feel at home in Austin.

·         Meets LGBTQIA+ residents’ need for community connections

  • More than half of the more than 2,250 participants in QWELL’s research study did not feel like part of our local LGBTQIA+ community. We need to make it easy to build strong, healthy networks.

·         Pride in Austin

  • We need a center so extraordinary and uniquely ours that every LGBTQIA+ and Ally person will want to visit often, participate in programming, and brag about it to their friends.

·         Helps all organizations serving LGBTQIA+ residents

  • Austin has vibrant organizations serving various segments of our community. We need to help them grow by connecting them with more funding, volunteers, and clients.

Greater Austin’s LGBTQIA+ community has come up with a potential solution: an “Austin Outpost” LGBTQIA+ Community Center in each of Austin’s 10 City Council Districts.

But first we need to know:

  1. Where are there concentrations of LGBTQIA+ residents, so that we can locate permanent Austin Outposts nearby?

  2. How do LGBTQIA+ residents’ demographics and needs vary from neighborhood to neighborhood?

  3. Can we identify enough committed donors and volunteers to sustain multiple permanent Austin Outposts?

  4. Are there gaps in programming and resource availability, how can those gaps most effectively be filled, and by whom?

With your financial support, QWELL will answer those questions using a single, portable “Austin Outpost” Pop-Up LGBTQIA+ Community Center.

This pop-up Austin Outpost may be integrated into an existing structure, like a storefront, or be a standalone portable structure. Which style we can manifest is directly related to how much we raise in tax-deductible donations NOW.

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Five teams of volunteer architects, designers, and community members are creating options for the Austin Outpost pop-up. We hope the Austin Outpost will begin popping-up in 2020, moving from one Austin City Council District to the next on its mission to engage the whole community.


Did you know?

Gallup says Greater Austin has the nation’s third-largest LGBTQIA+ population:

>110,000 people

Austin Outpost Design Competition

Final Submissions Due
Friday, July 26, 2019

Finalists Exhibited during Austin Pride Week
August 4-10, 2019

Winners Revealed:
September 2019

Winning designs will be chosen by a panel of judges:

The jury will choose the winning design based on community input in August 2019 and how well the designs meet the project goals.

Design Process Organizers & Advisors


Austin Outpost Principles


Provide opportunities for LGBTQIA+ people to grow their chosen family and find affirming resources.


Act as an innovative force for good in civic and neighborhood life that cultivates a healthy living environment for all.


Celebrate the diversity of LGBTQIA+ cultures, ethnicities, genders, and experiences.


Thrive as actualized LGBTQIA+ individuals in community with each other.


Be a visible, integral part of each Austin City Council District.


Partner with other organizations to deliver services rather than duplicating work.


Without community, there is no liberation.
— Audre Lorde