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What is “wellbeing?”


QWELL measures LGBTQIA+ wellbeing in six dimensions:


Physical Health

Local LGBTQIA+ people say their physical health is their #1 concern.* They need convenient, affordable access to competent healthcare providers, nutrition and fitness support, and the tools to live long, healthy lives in Austin.


Mental Health

Mental health is the cornerstone of good quality of life. When LGBTQIA+ individuals, families, and communities have tools to help them understand and manage their thoughts and feelings, our people flourish.


Community Connections & Relationships

LGBTQIA+ people’s bonds with family, partners, friends, and people around us are a huge part of what makes us feel good or bad about life. Research proves that human beings thrive in a diverse, intergenerational, positive social structure.


Living Environment

The place around you matters. Your physical environment, natural or humanmade, impacts your wellbeing. Housing affordability, mobility, and the political landscape also affect your health. Austinites deserve healthy, safe places to live as openly LGBTQIA+ people of any age.


Learning Opportunities

Skills training and lifelong learning, in and out of an LGBTQIA-competent classroom, promote mental development, personal growth, and challenging experiences. Some learning opportunities – for example, sexual health education – need to be available for all LGBTQIA+ adults as well as youth.


Economic Situation

Austin’s vibrant economy should include LGBTQIA-welcoming job training, employment, and chances for advancement, to create an environment where all LGBTQIA+ people can afford to make ends meet and may achieve all they hope to accomplish.



More than 2,250 LGBTQIA+ Greater Austin residents participated in QWELL’s first wellbeing survey, conducted in collaboration with Dr. Phillip Schnarrs, Associate Professor of Community-Based Participatory Research, Dept. of Population Health, Dell Medical School.