2nd Intro to Queering Virtual Meeting coming soon. Register now!


We need facilitators for our new event series and we think YOU would be great.

Your passion for personal development, mental health, and/or spirituality might make you a perfect fit if you agree with us that “queer liberation is an inside job,” and, as Audre Lorde says, “Without community, there is no liberation.”

Rather than focusing outward on the important work of changing the behavior and policies of cishet people, QWELL’s work primarily focuses on what we can control: our own thoughts and actions, individually and as a community. 

  • We believe LGBTQIA+ people can help each other reduce our emotional suffering and experience happiness and social connection. 

QWELL recently produced Austin’s first Colors of Pride Gathering that brought together an incredibly diverse group of queer/trans people of color (QTPOC) to build community. The day was powerful and full of joy, but over too soon. While the event was still going on, people were already asking, “When can we get together again?”

With your help, QWELL will host regular, ongoing events for QTPOC and allies that fill our community’s unmet needs for liberation skills-building and reducing social isolation.

Because each event will have two parts, we’re calling them:


Each in-person event will start with liberation exercises guided by YOU and other PAID LGBTQIA+ facilitators trained in a simple modality that helps participants examine the thoughts that cause their suffering. 

Questioning everything is integral to being queer. Queer people already question:

  • Our sexual orientation;
  • Our gender identity and expression;
  • Social norms; and,
  • The white supremacist capitalist patriarchy in which we live.

Now it’s time to turn our questioning expertise onto our own thoughts so we can clearly identify the stories we tell ourselves that conflict with reality – conflicts that cause us to suffer – and take action to release those thoughts.

After “Queering our minds” through this public, facilitated liberation process, we’ll have social time dedicated to helping attendees make new friends and deepen their community connections. 

Like at our Colors of Pride Gathering, the Social half of these events will include guided connection activities, time for hanging out and talking, and, of course, free food and mocktails! The joy will be managed by Sasha Rose Love.

Please register if you are interested in learning how to facilitate these liberation exercises and possibly becoming a paid facilitator for QWELL’s Queering/Socials!


  1. You will be invited to private Zoom sessions in September & October so you can try the process;
  2. Then, if the Queering process resonates with you and you want to become a Queering facilitator, QWELL can fly in a certified facilitator to conduct a training workshop for the group in October.

Want more information first? You can read about the process here. (And we should also mention that using this particular process is an experiment! We remain open to trying other modalities and processes later, too.)

“Using this simple process, I have managed to liberate myself from thoughts and beliefs that had brought me years of suffering, and that I had honestly feared would never leave me.”

“Two words: DO IT. But only if you want to permanently end all your suffering. I’m serious.”